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Bio. kkerelé enunciated as /kke-re-le/ is a Lagos based brand using traditional methods and techniques to create leather goods centered around design, longevity and thoughtful production.

a clump of kkerelé shoes.

Process. Each piece is created by hand, one at a time — on a made to order basis and occasionally in small batches. This process allow us to eliminate waste, keep production cost low and foster mindful consumption.

All designs are of lasting quality based on emerging ideas, not categorized into seasons, rather a concept — thus, challenging the disposable view of fashion items.

We produce through partnership/collaboration with local artisans with the hope to preserve the value put into handmade works and inspire a greater respect for traditional craftmanship.

cut-out leather ready to be stitched together.


  1. Visual and sentimental experiences — What is seen and what is felt.

  2. Exploring and balancing opposing themes — eccentric yet familiar, feminine yet masculine, perfection yet distortion, rarity yet refinement, vintage yet modern.

  3. Appreciation of things of the old — we draw inspiration from past archives and translate them into modern designs.

  4. The beauty of nature — it’s colour schemes, architecture, objects and shapes — exploring it’s limits, interactions and resistance.

objects we love. via @nr_ceramics on Instagram.


Our aesthetics and practices seeks out events, dialogues, people, objects, art, performances and spaces — examining how all of these influences and fills our collective lives to offer wisdom, wit, wonder and satisfaction.

excerpts from comfort zones. Allan kaprow. 1975.

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