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design & visual elements: colour

Pallete study:

Colour is a universal language that crosses cultural boundaries. It has the power to stimulate, excite, suggest and create a feeling of warmth or coolness. It is our most profound element in creating and giving the desired direction to both our designs and visual communications.

Our palette is mostly made up of colours associated with the nostalgia of the past. These are mostly muted and desaturated colours often juxtaposed with a warmer tone in order to add contrast and interest to the subject — translating into an old scene with modern imagination and offering the best of both worlds. 

We study the interactions of various colours — exploring its relativity, intensisity,  boundaries and limits — and in the process, reaffirming Josef albers’s theory that although colour is absolute, it is often experienced differently when in interaction with other colours.

Through these colour interactions and nuances harmony, we are able to build up balance and achieve a more coherent result — creating a certain mood of calmness and relaxation — one which binds the subject together meaningfully and perfectly.

Color inspo. Jimoh Buraimoh. The people of hope. 2000

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