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Design archives: Nostalgia

nostalgia /nɒˈstaldʒə /

▸ noun [mass noun] a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

Some thoughts on our relationship with nostalgia, a feeling that feeds a lot of our work:

We’re big fans of innovation and believe good design often involves a lot of forward-thinking but we’ve also seen the value in being able to look back and appreciate things that are either no longer relevant, fashionable or impressive by contemporary standards. There's a lot to learn from past archives — there’s also the simple romance of the past that we’re drawn to; The charm of slower and definitely quieter times.

With our shoes, we want to reflect the thoughtfulness and timelessness we find in older designs. The late 80s and 90s is a period we are especially inspired by. Some of our favorite pieces are references to cuts, forms and patterns we saw growing up. They would seem outdated now but we find them refreshing and we treasure the flood of memories they bring back. The glint of silver buckles on leather school sandals, the neat rows of visitors’ shoes at the foyer, and the pleasant feeling of being asked to fetch our parents’ shoes are memories that lay at the emotional center of kkerelé. We want our shoes to feel familiar, to suggest both homeliness and the possibility of adventure, to remind us and everyone who wears them of a time when the simple phrase ‘wear your shoes’ held a little magic.

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