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Founded in 2018, kkerelé is a Lagos based design studio interested in the ways mindful craft informs mindful living. We bring this sensibility to our range of footwears.


Informed by the long history of leather production in Africa, our signature footwear pieces embrace the versatility of the material by exploring simple yet bold forms. Departing from largely gendered notions of symmetry in footwear design, kkerelé’s shoes and sandals allow everyone to add a bit of adventure, play and mystery to their wardrobes.


How We Work.

We are an iterative and experience-first practice. This means:

  • We attach value primarily to the process of creation as well as the pleasure and satisfaction derived from the use of products.

  • We are deeply respectful of flux, impermanence, and change. Our designs are often the culmination of multiple shifts in moods, perspectives, and meanings.

  • We believe we are stewards & students of history. Our work references ideas, designs, events, artists, and art movements of previous generations.

  • We believe there is incredible potential in sharing and collaboration. We hope kkerelé becomes an avenue for people, concepts, and cultures to interact dynamically.

  • We don’t believe in waste. Continuity and circularity are crucial. Everything can be redistributed.


kkerele’s work is enabled by a local network of suppliers, makers and other practitioners. We see our place in this network as a node for diverse & meaningful creative activity and our hope is that our work continues to honor past and existing artisanal cultures while facilitating the growth of new ones.

Our values are aligned with the demands of ‘slow fashion’ movements around the world and work to translate them into meaningful goals within our local context. We believe in defending our planet and its ecosystems against extractive practices. We are aware that the structures that enable these practices are significant in size and we are also aware that the values and habits that maintain them are ingrained. But we also know that we are not alone. Sustaining the imagination of and movement towards alternative visions is collective work and we look forward to meeting others who share our passion for mindful craft & mindful living.

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